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Meet The Divergent Trader

Alan Edward the founder of the divergent trader is a full time trader with close to 10 Years of experience.


He trades for private investors and has acquired over 6 figures as a propriety funded trader. 


With over 300k followers across his Instagram, Twitter and other socials.


Alan is one of the most influential and successful forex traders.


By consistently providing value to the trading community Alan has amassed a huge following that is second to none. 


He has a passion for helping traders to trade smarter not harder through using his rule-based approaches that help remove the emotions so you can trade with confidence.

He started his trading career using a mechanical trend following system and then evolved into his Rule-Based Strategies which he trades over different assets.


He states that starting mechanically was what helped create the solid foundation for how he developed his unique rule based approaches

''I think starting mechanically really set the tone for how I approached discretionary strategies. Everything is rule-based and as mechanical as can possibly be.''

​His mission is to help traders trade with confidence by using simplicity not complexity. ​


He teaches traders that less is more and how by doing less you will have greater success than those who are spending 8hrs a day chained to the charts!

Alan's motto is ''Trade Smarter, Not Harder!'' 

And with the stats showing that the highest failure rate is from those who use complicated discretionary systems, it makes perfect sense why Alan's methods work in harmony with the trader.


That's why Alan is also a big advocate for simplicity and doing less, he spends as little 15 minutes a day total trading trading multiple markets including forex, commodities, indices and bonds and shares his trades daily in his VIP Discord for RBPA Members!

For those who are serious about trading and want to make this a full time job, there is no better place to get started than with The Divergent Trader!

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