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The Blueprint To Trading Psychology



Book Description

In this book I go through the ins and out of trading psychology. This is an in depth look into how to stop becoming your own worst enemy and get to the root of your trading problems with real practical methods to apply from the get-go.


In this book my aim is to give you an actual framework, and blueprint with actionable methods to help solve psychological problems and everything else that can affect a traders mindset.

I will be going into why you think the way you do, methods to break down the problems along with exercises and mental models to greatly improve how you view and overcome them.

Alongside this there will be real life examples of traders problems which I breakdown using my personal methods.


Some of the chapters included:


  • Beliefs Systems

  • Gaining Awareness

  • Probabilistic Thinking

  • Confidence In Trading

  • Think Like A Business

  • Numerous Practical Exercises

  • Benefits of Mechanical Trading

  • Importance of Routine & Environment

  • How To Reprogram Your Subconscious

  • My 5 Step Method: To Fix Any Trading Problem

  • Breakdowns Of Real Trader Problems With Solutions


This is the years of work all compacted into one book. I wanted to create something that no other trading book does out there and that was to give you an actual 'blueprint' that you can use to reference and solve any trading problem you might have.

And that is exactly what I have done.

My goal is to help you get to were you want to be faster by learning and understanding what is holding you back at that particular moment in your trading career.


Alan Edward aka The Divergent Trader

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