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The 3 Pillars To Successful Trading

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

In today's newsletter, I am breaking down the 3 foundational pillars that you need to focus on to become a successful trader.

If one of these pillars is missing or weak then your whole trading will crumble. So if you want to perform 10x better than 98% of other traders, read and make sure you are working on them.

What Are The 3 Pillars?

The 3 Pillars Of Trading

  • Strategy

  • Risk Management

  • Psychology

Miss one of these and everything will crumble...

Each pillar is important in its own right and without one everything falls. But each has its own amount of work and effort required.

Breaking it down:

If I had to break it down I'd say

Strategy is 10%

Risk is 20%

Psychology is 70%

The first two are really a matter of just putting in the work to learn and understand. The last one psychology however is the hardest and what essentially holds the majority of the 3 pillars together.

Without the right mindset, you won't be able to follow your strategy and will disregard risk when the time comes.

This is why I am a big advocate for working on psychology and why I wrote my book 'The Blueprint To Trading Psychology.'' to help traders overcome their mental obstacles.

You see strategy and risk are like a car but psychology is the driver without the driver it becomes irrelevant how good the other two are. It won't drive without the right operator who knows how to handle it.

The Strategy is the car, the Stop loss is the seatbelt and the skilled driver is psychology.


You need an edge so you MUST:

  • Research

  • Backtest

  • Forward Test

You have to verify it works!

Strategy development is essentially the first step, create a system that you are compatible with and go through the multiple testing phases to confirm you have a positive expectancy. It's the vital first stage of the process.

Risk Management

Manage risk this way you'll have:

- Small Losses - Big Wins

Instead of 95% of failing traders:

- Small Wins - Big Losses

Risk is the next part, you need correct position sizing to let the probabilities work and help you stay in the game. Risk management works in 3 parts. Before, during, and after.

Before is how much you risk during is how much you keep, and after is an assessment of whether you need to reduce or increase based on how you have performed.


If you want to be able to:

Follow the plan

Not self-sabotage

Remain cool under pressure

You need to work on your mindset.

Or the previous pillars become useless.

Psychology is the glue that binds everything together. You need to be able to execute and follow the plan. As you trade you will begin to feel sorts of emotions you never expected and this is where most traders fail or give up due to no understanding of what's happening.

You need to learn what your emotional triggers are, understand why you have them and implement ways to not let them negatively affect your trading.

Most traders are focusing on the wrong thing

When going through the psychology stage, traders often try to find outside sources to take the blame for their lack of results

More indicators

More monitors

More strategies

And think this is the key to fixing their trading.

But the truth is it's usually because one of the three pillars is off whether that be no positive expectancy, no understanding of risk, or their psychology is not yet ready.

The real reason their trading is failing is that one of the 3 pillars is weak and needs strengthening.

When you break it down to just these 3 pillars then you can begin to speed up the process to success. By consistently working and reviewing these 3 things you can now begin to move forward.

If you would like to have a full step-by-step breakdown and how I implement the 3 stages in my trading then check out my Rule-Based Price Action course where I go much deeper and show you the step-by-step blueprint that I used to become a consistent trader.

Final Thoughts

Focus on the 3 pillars and the rest will fall into place. It takes time and effort to master but so does anything worth doing.


Use a strategy to have an edge.

Use risk to stay in the game.

Use psychology to play forever.

Enjoy your day,



Want to know how I implement the 3 Pillars in my trading?

Check out my:

I go into much greater detail and show you my step-by-step blueprint that I used to become a consistent trader.

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