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Set Yourself Up For Trading Success!

With 2023 nearly upon us it is a time when a lot of us reflect on how the year went and look back to see if you hit you're goals and what you want to improve on next year.

Most traders, will be feeling disappointed they will feel like they are in the same place.

In this newsletter, I am going to show you what you need to do to get ahead next year

You need to work on these 5 areas

  1. Goal

  2. Why

  3. How

  4. Think

  5. Behaviour

What's The Goal?

Have a goal that resonates with you. The goal should scare you as well as excite you. This is when you know the goal is right.

Why Do you Have The Goal?

This is a big one, Why do you want this goal? Is it for you to help others for example?

You need to understand why you want it so badly so you create an emotional connection to the goal. And through this, you will create the discipline, not the motivation needed to get up in the morning to do it.

Big difference from those who just say '' I want to make a 100k trading.'' But why 100k? Why not 1 million? Why that specific number? What does it mean to you?

It's what is that money going to do for you that's important. Find the why!

How Are You Going To Get There?

This is where most go wrong, simply setting a goal is meaningless. Want to be a world-class trader? Okay great, but 'how' are you going to get there?

Create a plan and be specific. When you have a plan it's no longer a dream it becomes a systematic plan/ process of executing the steps to get there.

This is the defining difference between those who smash their goals and those who simply say it.

What You Think About You Get More Off

To accomplish the goal you need to be aligned with it and what I mean is you need to act as if you are already in possession of the goal and are that person in the present tense.

So have your goals written out in front of you and rehearse and repeat them daily in your mind as if you have accomplished them. Say affirmations out loud like ''I am ____ and am so thankful.''

Have a vision board of the goals and imagine you have them already. Play it out like a movie.

Change Your Behaviour

What you think about you will get more of. If you keep complaining about it you will get more of what you are complaining about.

For example are you the type of person who constantly complains about losses? Have you noticed that you keep getting more of just that?

When you complain you close your mind to other options.

Think differently and this starts with stopping complaining. The next step is to now focus on changing your language to the type of person you want to become.

For example, a 'loss' is a random data point and the same goes for a win.

It is not a reflection of you or your skill as a trader is just the probabilities.

Or maybe you think the word 'stop loss'' makes you think negatively. Instead, you could change it to ''Protective stop.''

The are many things you can do here!

So change the meaning behind the language that makes you think negatively.

Final Thoughts

That's a wrap! Hopefully, these tips can help you make 2023 your year.

I wish you all the best for the new year and thank you for following me! I appreciate it!



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