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Finding Balance In Trading

Finding the right balance in trading is an important part of the trading process.

You need to find the right equilibrium for trading.

Too much time on the charts can have a detrimental effect.

The longer you are at the charts the more chance of

- Losing focus

- Burned out

- Taking low-quality signals

You have to see your focus as an energy meter that quickly reduces the more you stare at the charts and once it depletes then the higher chances of poor performance and self-sabotage becomes.

The truth of the matter is to be successful in trading you should spend:

80% of your time preparing and only 20% actually trading.

Most go into trading with kind of expectation but soon end up becoming slaves to the screens and end up watching every up and down tick of the market leading to burnout and underperformance.

What you have to realise is trading is a mental sport and just like any sport the real hard work should be in the preparation stages just like say an Olympic athlete would.

Let's take Usain Bolt, for example, he trains 4 years to run 100 meters in 9.58 seconds

Over 80% of the work is done in the background. Just like what a pro trader should do.

So you have to get yourself in peak condition to trade at your best.

Homework for you to do:

1. Create a solid pre + post routine

2. Implement optimal hours to trade to stay focused

By implementing these 2 simple things above you will find your trading and overall performance will start to improve.

You will now have more structure to your trading as well as a systematic process you can repeat day in and day out.

And most importantly it will be sustainable in the long-term

Final Thoughts

The aim is to trade well and that means knowing what will work for you best.

This means finding the right balance of hours to trade and creating a routine that empowers you and does not drain you.

Thank you for reading!

Have an incredible day my friend!


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