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Helping Traders Put The Pieces Of The Puzzle Together


Trading is a game of strategizing, preparation and having the unwavering discipline to follow rules.  Here at The Divergent Trader, we give you our actual blueprint that is needed to succeed so you can




Our unique methods enable our traders to stay calm cool, and collective under pressure


''If you are always prepared, then the market can never shock you.''


''IF and THEN...


If A happens then I will do B.


If B doesn't happen then I will do C.


You have to know all the variables before you trade.

This is how winning is done.''


- The Divergent Trader 


Our simple approach to the markets has been perfected over years of hard work, and what you see now is the elite edge in trading the markets. 


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  • Simplify your approach

  • Reduce decision fatigue

  • Act without hesitation

  • Gain emotional control