Why Are Most Traders Impatient?

One of the biggest problems I see constantly is a lack of patience, traders think they need to trade every day to make money.

You don’t...

This is the rat race mentality, if you come from an average middle class or lower class background you will be especially susceptible to this mindset.

You think you have to ‘work hard for money’ If you don’t then you don’t get paid.

But when it comes to trading ‘Less is more’’

It’s a hard concept to grasp because that’s all you know from the 9-5 grind.

But you need to get out of this way of thinking!

The Truth!

You don't have to trade every day!

-1 Good trade a day

-1 Good trade a week

-1 Good trade a month


Hell even one a year!!

Are good enough to create consistent and meaningful returns.

Warren Buffet sums this up perfectly!

You have to think quality over quantity,

Don’t rush something that can’t be rushed.

If you are patient when others are impatient then you are simply taking their money instead of giving it away

All because you are going for quality and waiting for the best setup!

The Power Of Taking 1 Trade A Day!

A good way to trade is simply 1 trade a day, Why?

- Quality

- More time

- Avoid Overtrading

- Easier to record and review

- Sustainable and easier for the long-term


So there you go traders I hope this has been helpful!


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