How To Make Trading Less Stressful?

(Trade Higher Timeframes!)

Hey Traders! One simple trick that changed my trading was simply deciding to trade around

80% - Of my trades on the daily timeframe

20%- Intra-day Why?

Well, I realized I was getting dizzy with trading multiple timeframes. and having to constantly check what timeframe I was on etc.. And with all that came many little errors and mistakes that nibbled away at my profits. So I decided why not reduce the decision fatigue by simply going to the Daily Timeframe?? I'd know exactly when I need to check my trade (once a day) and at what time! So I did, and with that, all the mistakes stopped!! My trading became a lot more calmer and another main benefit was that I could now let my trades run with ease and get the much bigger risk/reward ratios. And to satisfy my itch for short-term trading I allowed myself to only take 1 trade a day at fixed targets. This also increased my bottom line because had to make sure it was the very best A+ setup out of all the choices!!

''I was no longer a slave to the screen, I had more time. ! was calmer. I was making more money.'' I started to enjoy my trading even more!! A Deeper Look Into Higher Timeframe Trading!

Trading HTF’s may not seem like a big thing but trust me this one little tweak can make a huge difference. The reason being is the HTF there is less noise and by that I mean

The lower you go the more false signals. Whereas the higher you go The stronger the price action Therefore, it increases the probability of your strategy because the time it takes to form is much longer which equals cleaner and stronger price action. Another benefit is Don’t have to worry about spreads As they only affect you if your trading on the lower timeframes where you are dealing with 10-20 pips but on a daily, the candles equal 100’s of pips so you don’t need to think about being caught out on the spreads.

Your trades will not be affected by news events

Same as before it only really affects shorter-term traders. A big move on the shorter timeframes is only a blip on the higher timeframes. So you can see by just having these benefits can make a great difference but here are even more that will help massively...

More Benefits

- Easier

- Less Stressful - Bigger Moves - Fit Around Lifestyle - More Time To Prepare - Easy To Manage And Let Trades Run - Greatly Reduces Emotional/Impulse Trading - More Clarity/Daily Shows The Bigger Picture So you can see how much can eliminate and gain by just going up to the Daily timeframe. Let trading work for you, to reduce a lot of emotional trading simply go to the higher timeframes and give yourself time to prepare and focus

How many of these solutions would fix a lot of your trading?

This is a key way to make trading simpler and remove a lot of the problems that you might be having in your trading. Have a think about what your trading might be like if you choose to trade the Daily?


Conclusion It's the little tweaks in your trading that can make a HUGE difference. The key is to be aware of what is affecting you and implement simple methods like you've learned today to improve your trading! These are the types of things that I cover in my Rule-Based Price Action Course If you want to learn more then just head over to my website to learn more about my simple methods to help take your trading to that next level! To your success! Alan

The Divergent Trader

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