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Hello! My name is Alan Edward,


I am a trader and I also run The Divergent Trader.


 My main emphasis is on using rule-based/mechanical trading approaches.


I am a big believer in specializing in your own methodology


―and continuous improvement on mindset!

And I believe if you put all these together you create an elite trader.

I work with intermediate and advanced traders who have knowledge of the markets but just cannot seem to break through to consistency.

In my fully comprehensive courses, I show traders how using rule-based approaches really helps reduce decision fatigue and simplify the process.

But more importantly, I teach traders how to adapt everything they learn into their own style of trading. I feel it's very important to become an independent and self-reliant trader.


Too many courses give you their strategies and that's it.


I do not feel like they leave their traders well prepared for the future when they have to be able to adapt and change their strategy to market conditions which will inevitably happen


As I see it the strategy is just the stabilizers on a bicycle the real value comes from being able to adapt, build and mold a strategy to your personality!


Like the famous quote says 


"Give a man a fish, and you'll feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you've fed him for a lifetime."


The same in my opinion applies to trading.


Once my traders can adapt and mould strategies to them and create rules in which they can follow in a systematic rule-based way this then opens up the ability to be able to focus on more crucial parts like their mindset.

Which I heavily discuss in my courses, from being able to learn your emotional cues, counteract them and think probabilistically.  I feel are absolutely  key to longevity

When you can understand your strategy, understand how you think, and how trading works you will take giant steps forward.

''And that is my goal, I want to create world-class traders who can have the tools and knowledge to trade successfully forever.


I have also created my Trader Development program where I work alongside you every step of the way and I am at hand to answer any of your questions.


I prefer to work with a small number of students to give my full focus and attention to as I find this helps me deliver the biggest impact I can which is what I want to do in this world. So if you would like to work one on one with me please let me know beforehand as my time is limited to only those that are serious!


Thank you for taking the time to read this!


To your success


Alan Edward


The Divergent Trader

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